My greatest creation yet


Sorry I've been MIA for awhile. Surprise, I had a baby! Introducing the coolest thing I've ever created Miss Lilah Jade. She made her grand entrance into this world on March, 15th (the same day I got married 3 years prior). Having a newborn is something that (no matter how prepared you think you are) you're never ready for. The first few weeks flew by in a haze of sleep deprivation and diaper changes and all of a sudden I'm here, two months in and finally starting to get the hang of this parenting thing. Ok... not really but I'm learning.

We decided against taking any parenting classes since I had such an adventurous pregnancy. I feel like I basically lived on google for most of the 9-10 months and we wanted to give ourselves a break. My Dr. even recommended we "not overwhelm ourselves" with information, so we went into this pretty blind. OK, she had all the stuff she needed but we were pretty clueless on things like how often they ate (every 2 hours) I'm learning to take one day at a time and let her "teach us" what she needs. We've started to venture out of the house with her a bit more (we waited until she was fully vaccinated) and are even starting to consider travel. Stay tuned for the ongoing adventures as I head back to work in a few weeks.