An delightful way to get insurance ... no, really

If you asked me last week "what is one of the most boring tasks you can think of" inquiring about an insurance rate would have been one of them. I read about the startup Lemonade a few months ago and came across their site today. They appear to be "ripe for disruption"...and I'm always on board with that. 

I decided to check out some videos and download the app. Lemonade takes the insurance broker out of the equation and saves you more money on your monthly cost. Not to mention, Lemonade boasts 3-second claims return time. The AI is "well educated" and the application disables user input - (so I can't ask "hello how are you?", "where do you live" and "tell me a joke" or any other number of phrases I've become used to with conversational design). The exclusion of user input wasn't even something I missed, and it appears to works in favor of the user by "clearing roadblocks" to enable task completion and providing a simple and (dare I say) delightful user experience. 

The app was really easy to get up and running and even kind of fun. I chatted with my "agent" Maya for a few minutes and answered some questions about my needs and the whole interaction takes place in a text message environment (something their target user is very accustomed to). The rapid fire nature of the Q&A session was amazing and before I knew quote was available. Did I mention I'm not even in the market for a new insurance plan BUT Lemonade makes it so easy to switch to them...I might consider it. 

Why can't more things work like this?